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bofu webinar

Learn how to boost your eCommerce sales by 15% on average with Photoslurp. 

Access our webinar to learn why you should choose Photoslurp as your UGC solution. 

We hear from our VP of Business Development, Sof Michaels, on what makes Photoslurp the leading solution, followed by our Head of Customer Success, Sam Kraus, on how we will ensure your success with our product. 


What you’ll learn 

  • How to easily collect and curate customer content with Photoslurp
  • How to use our platform to create strategic shopping depth in your online shopping experience 
  • How to accurately track and measure the results of your social content with our advanced analytics
  • How Photoslurp's Customer Success Team can help you use our analytics suite to guide your overall social media strategy
  • How our technical team helps to guide and support seamless integrations in any number of eCommerce platforms

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